Drone footage of empty downtown Minneapolis is making us cry [VIDEO]

Dear Minneapolis, we miss you.

Dear Minneapolis, we miss you.

As if we needed another reason to unexpectedly start crying, somebody went and made a gorgeous, lonely video of downtown Minneapolis.

It’s about two minutes of sweeping drone footage, allowing the viewer to float above?the empty city center. We soar over skyways, bob near U.S. Bank Stadium to the echoes of the Minneapolis Miracle, get a good eyeful of the glowing Foshay tower. In the background, a contemplative piano plunks out a melody.

The video was created by Sky Candy Studios, and shot by drone pilots Michael Welsh and Jay Christensen. Welsh says they wanted to show the “eerie vibes” of a downtown on lockdown, but also the “hope” that we’d one day fill the streets again, this time with “greater appreciation than... we had before.”

“We wanted to remind people of the good times and incredible moments we’ve all shared as a Minneapolis community,” he says.

Until recently, it was hard to imagine missing a place in the same way you might miss a friend. But a downtown devoid of people feels like a message from a faraway buddy—someone who misses you as much as you miss them. There’s an uncanny feeling that if you squint… if you could see into the windows of the skyway bridges or through the roof of the train… you might see a tiny version of yourself, waiting for things to be normal again.

Stay home, stay safe, and take heart. Somewhere out there, a dear friend is waiting for us.