Quarantine Games: What am I eating? (Round 3)

Hint: It's not vegan.

Hint: It's not vegan.

Every Friday, City Pages’ Food is playing a little game called "What am I eating?"

After the smashing success of our first two installments – featuring Gorkha Palace’s splendors and the Black Forest Inn’s hearty offerings – we’ve returned with a third round.??

The rules have not changed. To review:

The above feast has been photographed in its provided takeout containers. Please submit guesses for which Twin Cities dining establishment provided such a blessed bounty, and/or ideas for what the dishes might be. Answers will be accepted via the comment section on this post, ye olde response tweet, Facebook comments, etc.?

Winners receive bragging rights, a deep sense of inner fulfillment, and a shoutout here as we reveal to readers the correct answer.

So, sharp-eyed readers:?Who made the takeout?resting atop my (still?unfinished, I don’t wanna hear it) puzzle?

Stay sharp. Stay grateful. Stay well. And thank you for playing!

UPDATE 4/17/20 1:47 p.m.: Reader Chris Mullen has won this week's challenge with his correct guess of Rooster's BBQ Deli and Catering! The tiny two-booth joint has held down the corner of Randolph Avenue and Chatsworth Street in St. Paul for over 25 years, and offers online ordering with scheduled pickup times. Pictured above are a large pulled pork sandwich, side of onion rings, and a chicken and full rib dinner. (Not pictured: slices of their incredible French Silk and Key Lime pies.)